What is ReFined Plastics main business?

We are a plastics manufacturer specializing in the production of virgin grade recycled pellets.

Why is no one else doing what you do?

Here at ReFined Plastics we have developed a proprietary process that allows us to create the only virgin recycled material in the world, derived from MSW. Everyone else likes to stay inside the box, we look to push the boundaries of what is known and this allows us to do what others cannot.

What allows you to make virgin plastic?

Sorry but only our employees get to know that information.

How will your process eliminate the need for landfills?

Our process recovers 100% of the products in the waste stream to be beneficially used.

What types of plastics can be recovered in your process?

We are able to recover 100% of the plastic we receive.

Will your technology help fight the devastating effects of waste plastic on the environment?

Yes, by beneficially using 100% of the plastics that we receive, we do not allow these materials to contaminate your backyard. With constant innovation from our leading edge Research and Development department we are always looking for the next best technologies to recover plastics.

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